The Course

Why Choose this Particular Course?

  • Learn from an experienced Master Virtual Assistant (MVA) who has 30 years knowledge of the industry
  • Work out what skills you can use and the types of services you can provide
  • Look at different niche markets you can target for your business
  • Give your business a kick-start in the right direction!
  • Unlimited access to the course and any updates for the life of the Course.

This Course will … 

  • Guide you in setting up your business
  • Get you started on your own website and using social media tools
  • Guide you in setting rates that are right for you
  • Teach you how to deal with clients, what questions to ask and how to quote
  • Will help you learn to network and market your business
  • Be given access to materials that consist of ebooks, software programs, hardware items, templates and other things essential in assisting with the operation of your VA business.

This is Course is designed to help those who already have good computer skills to develop or advance their Virtual Assistant business.

This program includes:

  • 12 topics delivered over 3 Modules with assignments to complete (research will be involved) and
  • Unlimited email support, if required

What Will be Covered

Module 1 – Establishing Foundations for Your VA Business

Topic 1 – History of the VA Industry

Topic 2 – First Things First

Topic 3 – Services You May Provide

Topic 4 – Setting the Foundations

Topic 5 – Setting Rates

Module 2 –  Working in Your Business

Topic 6 – Inside Your Office

Topic 7 – Planning Your Time

Topic 8 – Day-to-Day Planning

Topic 9 – Marketing Your Business

Module 3 – Creating Your Online Presence

Topic 10 – Developing an Online Presence

Topic 11 – Belonging to the VA and Internet Community

Topic 12 – Web Technology

Ready to take the plunge?

Visit the home page now to register for the course.  

Criteria: It is expected that all participants have well developed administrative, office or secretarial skills, are computer and internet literate and able to work without supervision.

What the program does not deliver: Software training – participants should already know how to use the software they wish to provide VA services with. However, the course will give information on the use of programs/services that are not common to corporate administrative work, such as use of FTP programs and other web based programs.

Check out Freelance University which provides additional courses relating to the use of software, becoming a Social Media Manager, Project Management, Email and Calendar Management, Working with Dubsado and much more.

If you do not know how to type (properly) or have very little software knowledge, then this Course is not (yet) for you. You need first to go and do a course with a college or other institution to learn how to use your computer and its software properly. If you also have a challenge with written English, this course is not for you – you need to advance your ability with English before coming back to do this course. This course does not teach you software skills – it is assumed you already have them.

Minimum Requirements …

  • Good knowledge of the computer keyboard and the ability to use it.
  • Good operating knowledge of a word processing package, either MS Word, or similar.
  • Basic knowledge of other programs with the ability to learn quickly.
  • Knowledge of how to use an email program.
  • Understanding of basic web and computer technology, i.e. menu, task-bar, icons, toolbar, etc.

Not to know the above will disadvantage you in developing your skills as a Virtual Assistant.

During the Course, students will be required to document their progress and successes and participate in exercises. They will also receive the virtual assistant training manual containing their completed homework at the end of the program, along with a certificate of completion, and have access to a number of resources to further assist them in the development of their business.

Register now on the home page and your first lesson will be on its way within a day or two!

Payment may be made by: EFT (email me), PayPal or monthly installments.

Finally, if you’re not yet sure if you need or want to do the training but do want to start operating as a Virtual Assistant, then why not visit our VA Directory site to join our team?  Some choose to do the course after they’ve begun operating and have an idea of what they need to learn to further build their business.

Note:  You have a total of six months to complete this course from date of registration.  Your homework will be marked after receipt of all homework for the full course.  The final topic does not have homework but your feedback, and testimonial would be appreciated.  I aim to get completed homework back to each graduate within an 6-8 week period after receipt of same.

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